Practical Use of Spiritual Gifts

adapted from http://www.elca.org/evangelism/print/spiritgifts.html

All Christians are to work together, supporting one another. However, our gifts make us better prepared and equipped to perform in some areas of ministry over others. A person who is working within a ministry area they are gifted for, will be more effective in that ministry than one they not gifted for.

What types of ministry will you be most effective in? A brief list of ministry examples follows. These examples have been provided merely as thought starters and should not be considered an exhaustive list. Use them as a starting point in exploring the possibilities for putting your gifts to use within your congregation and in your community.

Administration  Congregation Council, Finance Staff, Sunday School Superintendent, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, Business Manager

Compassion  Home/Hospital/Institution Visitation, Transportation to Worship/Bible Study, Social Ministry Team, Support Group Leader, Telecare Minister

Discernment  Congregation Council, Long Range Planning Team, Social Ministry Team, Peer Counseling, Support Group Facilitator

Evangelism  Prospective Member Visitation, Evangelism Team, Advertising and Marketing, New Member Sponsor, Community Visitation

Exhortation  Mutual Ministry Team, Hospital/Home/Institution Visitation, Telecare Ministry, Peer Counseling, Small Group Leader

Faith  Congregational President, Stewardship Team, Long Range Planning Team, Bible study leader

Giving  Capital Campaign Steering Team, Stewardship Team, Volunteer Coordination, Giving Personal Testimony

Helps  Computer Programmer/Data Entry, Building Maintenance/Upkeep Electrical/Masonry/Plumbing/Roofing Mechanical Repair/Maintenance Audio/Visual Operator and Repair Computer Maintenance, Web-Page Developer, P.A./Sound System Technician

Knowledge  Parish Resource-Library Coordinator, Nominating Team, Long Range Planning Team, Congregation Council

Leadership  Sunday School Superintendent, Committee Chairperson (all types), Fellowship Activity Coordinator, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, Congregational President, Speaker: Special Events

Missionary  Women’s/Men’s Missionary Fellowship, Short-term Missions Coordinator, Evangelism Team, Urban Ministry Team

Pastoring  Adult In-Home Bible Study Leader, New Member Sponsor, Young-Adult Counselor, Small Group Leader, Telecare Ministry

Prophecy  Committee Chairperson, Speaker: Special Events, Congregational President

Service  Newsletter Collation, Tape Recording Worship Services, Child Care, Building/Grounds Upkeep, Kitchen Cleaning Team, Providing Transportation

Teaching  Adult Bible Class Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, Teen Bible Class Teacher, Vacation Bible School Teacher, Conference/Seminar Leader 

Wisdom  Long Range Planning Team, Congregation Council Peer Counselor, Support Group Leader, Mutual Ministry Team

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