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The Zondervan NIV Study Bible was first released in 1985 to a lot of fanfare.  Since then it has gone through several revisions and has received numerous awards as well.  This is the best selling study Bible on the market plain and simple.  More people use the NIV study Bible than any other study Bible.  Likewise, the NIV translation is the most popular translation in the English language.  In short, there are a lot of people using this study Bible and with good reason.  

There are currently two versions of the NIV study Bible on the market.  The 2008 version is what most are familiar with but a new version has been released in 2011.  The study notes are mostly the same but the 2011 version has updated NIV language.  Since the most recent update in 1984 the English language has changed and the newest version reflects this change.  You won’t see much change in the wording but ocassionally you’ll notice a word difference like what used to say “all men” might now say “all people”.  Overall it’s the same great Bible with a few word differences.  It’s worth pointing out though because most people will still be reading from the older version and you’ll notice slight word differences.

The Zondervan NIV Study Bible is full of valuable study notes and helpful features. It contains over 20,000 study notes on biblical passages. It also has over 900 character profiles and 425 archaeological explanations.  With these notes you’ll be able to have a better understanding of what it means when the Bible speaks of a talent of silver and you’ll know exactly where Jesus traveled when it says that He went to Bethany.

The Zondervan NIV Study Bible doesn’t stop at just explanation however. It has almost 3,000 personal applications to make scripture more than just an abstract book.

Since 1985 Zondervan’s NIV study Bible has been read by millions of Bible readers and it has been constantly updated with the most current information. The latest revision in 2008 includes updates to 25% of its study notes to ensure that it is as up to date as possible.

The NIV Study Bible comes in all bindings – paperback, hardback, and leather. It also comes in standard size, large print, and a smaller personal size.

Zondervan NIV Study Bible, Large Print

Zondervan NIV Study Bible, Premium Edition

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