After we have laid our foundation, we can start to construct walls as we continue building our method of evangelism. There are four walls that can be added to our foundation. You may also look at these four things as barriers that must be overcome in evangelism.

Wall # 1 – People Need Answers

After 9/11 everyone was asking the same question, “How could God allow this to happen?” While our congress men and women gathered on the capital steps to sing “God bless America” it is obvious that not too many really believed what they were singing. As people flocked to the church after the disaster, I don’t believe that we did a good job answering the questions that people had.

What type of questions are people asking?

Sometimes as Christians, we have all the answers. We can recite exactly what the Bible says about a particular issue. But the problem then becomes, what if someone doesn’t believe in the Bible? We’ve accepted God’s Word as absolute truth but we live in a society where many believe that there isn’t any such thing as absolute truth.

How else can you explain the need for salvation to someone who doesn’t believe the Bible?

Wall # 2 – People Need Community

As we become more and more connected technologically, we also become more and more isolated from one another. A cell phone call or an email allows us to keep in contact with other people or share important information, but it does not pass on a sense of community.

If people are going to feel welcome in our church they must feel like they belong there. This is a two edged sword. You will naturally embrace people who are most like you. Each and every church will have its own identity and that is something that is hard to change. If you are an old, traditional church, it is very difficult to become a young, contemporary church. People are naturally going to gather together where they feel the most comfortable.

Regardless of what the church is like, we should make every effort to make every person who walks through our doors feel comfortable and that they understand the most important thing to us is the worship of our Lord and Savior.

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