The Call to Discipleship


Luke 5:1-11


The calling of Jesus disciples is a remarkable event.  There are a lot of gaps in the account and it seems that some of the disciples are actually called multiple times before their calling “sticks.”  But all instances have one thing in common; the disciples obeyed and followed Jesus.

The disciples had no idea what they were getting themselves into.  They weren’t sure if they were following a religious leader or a revolutionary who would overthrow the Roman government.  Even after being with Jesus for three years they still weren’t totally sure who they were following.  Nevertheless, they obeyed and followed.

We’ve been called to follow Jesus as well.  What does it mean to be a follower?   

Being a follower means that we are moving.  You can’t follow something while staying in one place.  Following means trusting the person leading you.  Following means leaving the past behind you.  What happened to Lot’s wife when she turned back to look at what she was leaving?

Obedience means that we follow and do not question where we’re going or what we are leaving.  Without a doubt the disciples were at times unsure of the decision to follow Jesus.  After Jesus death and resurrection, they even returned to their boats and fish.  So it is no easier for us as disciples to continue in our obedience.

What is the hardest part of discipleship for you?  (Not remaining stationary, trusting the leader, leaving the past, or some other aspect)

Look at Luke 9:57-62

This passage describes some would be disciples.  All have excuses for not following and they sound reasonable enough.  We hear lots of excuses for not being a disciple as well.  These come from non-Christians and Christians.

What excuses do you hear from non-Christians?

What excuses do you hear from Christians?

The call to discipleship has no room for excuses.  If we say we are going to follow, we better follow.  If we don’t do as we say, we can try to justify our actions however we want but the end result is the same.  When we make excuses not to be disciples, we make excuses not to follow God.  We decide that whatever way we have chosen is better than the one God wants to lead us in.  That’s a scary thought.  Maybe it is not a conscious decision that we make but that is what we choose.

We are called to be disciples.  Are we willing to trust God with our lives and do as He says or do we believe we know better than Him and can navigate our own path?

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