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Every Sunday, Christian feed themselves spiritually through a worship service and by listening to a sermon.  Christianity is not just a one day a week lifestyle however.  How does a Christian continue to feed themselves spiritually throughout the week?  Many Christians learn more of the Bible through use of a daily devotional or a Bible study.

Bible studies come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are designed to be done in a group with a leader who may or may not have a leader book with special questions and answers.  Other studies are designed for an individual to go at their own pace.

Often, Bible studies are done with the aid of videos or CD’s featuring the author of the study.  Some have lesson booklets with questions for each student to fill in.  Others are meant as conversation starters to get the ball rolling on a topic.

You’ll find all different kinds of Bible studies on this site.  Some are meant to be printed out and have discussion questions.  You can work on them in a group or alone.

No matter what you are looking for in a Bible study, you should find it here.  And if you’ve written a Bible study yourself, you can contribute it to this site so that others may share in your study.  You can send it to us to host here or we can provide a link to your site.

In addition to Bible studies that are geared toward a weekly setting, we are blessed to have great Bible commentaries by Pastor Bob Conway.  Pastor Bob is Pastor Mike’s spiritual mentor and has granted permission to post his numerous in depth commentaries online.

For your own personal study, we’ve also provided information on choosing a study Bible and information regarding popular study Bibles.  See the posts above for more information about specific study Bibles.

Some of these studies are hosted here on this site while other links will take you to other sites within the Spreading Light Network of sites.

Bible study topics/themes

Spiritual Gifts Inventory What is a Healthy Church?
Prayer Discipleship
“One Another’s” (love) The Beatitudes
Attributes of God Evangelism
Covenants Mount Olivet Discourse

In depth Bible studies by Bob Conway

Life and Passion of Christ The Holy Spirit
How to study the Bible Life of the Apostle Paul
Decoding Daniel Experiencing Exodus
Romans Salvation Unsealing Revelation

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