Building a Foundation Part 2

We need to base our evangelistic efforts upon a solid foundation. If we fail to learn the basics, the rest of our efforts will be for naught. The first foundation that we looked at last week was that People Matter to God.

Foundation # 2 – People are spiritually lost

It is obvious that there are plenty of people who don’t know Jesus as their savior. But at times we hold everyone to the same standard as if they were all Christians. We shouldn’t be surprised when a group of atheists tries to have God’s name removed from the pledge of allegiance. We shouldn’t be surprised when states pass laws allowing gay marriages. That doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing, but why would we expect and non-Christian to act like anything other than a non-Christian?

The Westminster confession states that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. If that is what we are here on earth for, how can a person who doesn’t know God achieve this? It is no wonder why people spend their lives living like wretches because they don’t know God. Life is meaningless without a purpose and our purpose is to glorify God.

Foundation # 3 – People Need Christ

There are two major barriers that we encounter early in evangelism. The first is getting a person to recognize that they are spiritually lost. The second barrier stems from this and is sometimes overlooked. Not only do people need to realize that they are lost, but they need to realize the only solution to this problem is Christ.

If the two fit perfectly hand in hand, we wouldn’t have the problems with so many religions in the world today. There are plenty of people who recognize that they are lost and they will seek out religion to fill that need. But unfortunately they seek out the wrong religion.

How would you explain why Christianity is different from other religions?

Our third foundation brings us full circle back to our first foundation. It is because people matter to God that He sent His son into the world.

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