The Beatitudes – Part 1


Read Matthew 5:1-5

The poor is spirit

Poor in spirit does not mean spiritual weakness.  In fact, it is a matter of attitude that people would have a spirit of poorness as the world sees it.  The world says, “Look at that poor Christian, wasting their time and money on a church.  They’re all just a bunch of hypocrites anyway.”

Where the world sees bankruptcy  in the cross, the Christian sees all the riches of the world.  The riches of the Christian is hidden to the rest of the world as they do not understand.  But we store up treasures in heaven while the world’s wealth is destroyed in a fleeting moment in midst of eternity.

How do you store up treasures in heaven?

Those who mourn

In today’s world, mourning or any other show of emotion can be seen as a weakness.  God made our emotions and they are not wrong, however, we need to keep them in check and not let our emotions control us.  If our emotions control us, it is no different than letting alcohol or drugs control us.

With that said, a Christian mourns differently than the rest of the world.  We may mourn the loss of a loved one or a difficulty in life and Jesus will be there alongside of us to comfort us.  However, the mourning Jesus speaks of here is a mourning over sin.  In the accounts of the Bible where we see Jesus weep, there is a lack of faith or rejection.  Jesus weeps over such a thing as should we.

What other spiritual things cause you to weep?

The meek

The strongest hold power over the world today.  They do so by political connections, military might, extortion, murder, and numerous other ways.  There is no place for the weak in leadership.  Yet God promises that it is the meek that will one day inherit the earth while those who have walked over the backs of others to gain their power will have been removed.

The meek have turned the other cheek when struck and not sought out personal vengeance.  They recognize that God is the ultimate judge and will leave justice to him when those in power will not protect them.  This does not mean that they do not stand for justice in the world however.  The popular phrase “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” should not be the calling phrase of the meek.

God has set governments in place and has given them the authority to exercise judgment and punishment for crimes.  We should support our governments ability to punish those who do wrong.  When those in leadership fail to take a stand for our rights, whether it be the high school principal or the Supreme Court, we should not seek justice on our own or take to personal vengeance.  When leadership fails, the guilty party will not escape God’s justice, even if they escape man’s.

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