The Love of God


Romans 8:31-38

Key passage – “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”


Without a doubt entire books can and have been written on the subject of God.  It is the topic that Christians wish to study the most as well.  Nevertheless, we must take care to make sure that we balance God’s love with the rest of His attributes.  God’s love does not negate any other attributes and must be carefully understood as one part of the whole.

Love and Justice 

In no other area do we need to balance God’s love than with His justice.  As we have looked at earlier, God’s justice cannot be ignored.  All humanity has a problem with sin that must be dealt with.  Fortunately God’s love allows us this.  God does not ignore our sin in favor of His love, but rather because of His love he sent us His son.

Rejection of Jesus Christ is a rejection of God’s love.  Many expect God’s love to be showered upon them despite their rejection of His love.  This is a failure to understand the nature of God’s love.  We often believe that His love means health and wealth and happiness.  And yet while we look for this, we miss that His love eternal life, streets of gold, and everlasting joy spent in God’s presence.

Even as Christians, we focus on the here and now, forgetting that there is an eternal element that means much more to us than a thousand lifetimes here on earth could.

Love today 

God’s love and His goodness may be considered closely tied today.  While His love has obvious eternal significance, just like His goodness we see daily benefits.  Knowing Christ as savior and understanding God’s love brings many of the benefits that people expect from God’s love without the acceptance of His Son.

Let us remember God’s love is found first and foremost in Christ and we may enjoy His love in enjoying our salvation.

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