This 12 part Bible study will give you an outline on how you can personally improve your evangelism towards others and when used in a church will cause your church to rethink how it reaches out to the lost.

This evangelism Bible study is based on the book Evangelism Unprocessed which is available on Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle.  Reading the book will provide a more in depth understanding of the Bible study and is good for either the small group leader or the entire Bible study group to read.

All Bible study materials are provided freely to be used for church or personal use.  We ask that you mention where you where you got the material from so that others can check out the site however.  If you are a webmaster and want to copy portions of the material, please provide a link back to this site.

The links on the left list the Bible studies in order.  You may do them one at a time or group them together as time permits.  While each one stands alone, some reference previous studies so this should be taken into consideration when preparing.

If you are following the book, you’ll note that the ending on making disciples has been left out.  This was incorporated into another Bible study on discipleship.  You can find the entire Bible study on making disciples on this site.

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