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The Scofield study Bible was originally published in 1909 and later revised in 1917.  The revised 1917 version is what most people are familiar with today.  With notes written by C I Scofield, it is held by many to be responsible for popularizing dispensationalism in the early 20th century.  (In short, dispensationalism is a way of looking at the way that God works with man and particularly the nation of Israel through His covenants.  It is in opposition to the theological view that is known as covenant theology.)  Before WWI, many thought that the world would continue improving until the return of Christ (a thought held by many covenant theologians).  These hopes were crushed with the advent of a world war and many started holding to the dispensational view.  After WWII, the Scofield Study Bible seemed prophetic to some as it advocated the fact that Israel would become a nation again (an important component of dispensational theology.)


Although Scofield did not create the idea, it was his study Bible that popularized the notion of adding up the biblical chronologies which led to a belief among many that the date of creation was 4004 B.C.  The literalness of this date is debated among even the most conservative Christian scholars but this gives you an idea of the kind of study notes that you will find contained within the study Bible.

The Scofield Study Bible is a classic study Bible, was perhaps the first Bible to be published with study notes, and is considered by many as the best cross-reference study Bible ever published. While the classic 1917 edition left little to be improved upon (and can still be purchased) new editions have been published in Bible translations other than the KJV.

The Scofield Study Bible contains everything that one would expect from a study Bible, study notes, cross references, maps, and charts. It has stood the test of time and is still regarded as one of the best study Bibles available.

The classic edition of the Scofield Study Bible is available in only the KJV. New editions are now available in the NIV, NKJV, ESV, and the Holman Christian Standard.  You can make the distinction between the old version because it is titled “Old Scofield Study Bible” while the newest version released in 2009 as a hundredth anniversary edition as referred to as Centennial Editions.

The Scofield Study Bible may be purchased in hardcover and leather bindings.


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