The Omnipresence and Infinitude of God


Psalm 139


What does the above word say?  To the atheist and unbeliever it says God is nowhere.  To the Christian, it says God is now here.

From scripture, it is easy to see where this attribute is discussed.  Psalm 139 is probably the best known passage.  Look at Psalm 139:7-12.  Here we see that there is no place that we can go to escape God’s presence.

I have placed omnipresence and infinitude together.  Some theologians make a distinction but personally I am unable to separate the two.  Because God is everywhere, His presence stretches on into the infinite reaches of the universe – the universe that He created.


We need to make an important distinction between God being everywhere and God being in everything.  Other religions, Hinduism being the largest, hold that god is in everything, hence everything is a god.  We cannot create an idol and focus our worship on it, stating that it is our representation of God.  We cannot say that because God is everywhere, he is in an idol that we create.  The Israelites did this very thing with the golden calf and God punished them severely.

Today most consider idol worship as backward and foolish.  There is no temptation to create something and call it our god.  However, we still hold on to things that we place as much importance to as God.  Catholics must take of communion every week.  Numerous Protestants contend that baptism is necessary for salvation.  Pentecostals and charismatics believe that speaking in tongues is necessary.

Still, we place too much importance in symbols that are meant to remind us of God rather than simply focusing us on God.  How many churches would have a riot if it were suggested to remove the altar rails at the front?  Is there anything sacred about this or simply another symbol?  How many people have fought over the color of carpet in the church?  What about a new building or the relocation of a congregation?

What is the most important symbol in your church?  Could it become an idol?


Omnipresence is one attribute of God that we can sort of fathom, even if we still can’t grasp His infinitude.  However, we need to be careful to not place objects on par with God, regardless how well intentioned they are, regardless of how they make us feel of how long they have been important to us.  God is to be our focus and not things that remind us of Him or point us to Him.  We must not lose site of this and worship the created rather than the Creator.

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