Attributes of God

The attributes of God is a broad topic.  Different theologians have tried to pin down what the attributes of God are and they differ on what to consider an attribute.  Not that these theologians differ on their view of what God is like, but they call some things attributes and other things characteristics.

The goal of this study is to gain a better understanding of God, who He is, and what He does.  We will look all over scripture at descriptions of God to find out who He is.

Some list as few as 7 or 9 attributes of God while others have as many as 25.  This study is broken into 14 parts with similar attributes occasionally covered together.  Some of these attributes we as humans made in the image of God possess (although our attributes are imperfect.)  Other attributes can only be possessed by God alone and are what define God as God.

As we study, we’ll also find out that God is unfathomable and immeasurable.  He cannot be defined in mere human terms nor can we even list all of His qualities.  This is not a cop-out to avoid in depth study in some areas, but rather an acknowledgement that an eternal, all consuming God cannot simply be fully understood in a lifetime or even a thousand lifetimes.

We will also discover that God’s attributes and characteristics do not stand alone.  There are places where God’s attributes overlap so to speak and we will need to understand both sides of God.  For instance, God is all powerful, yet He cannot lie and hence limited.  God is loving, but He is also judging.  We will do our best to understand these issues in light of one another.

Finally, there will be some things that are just so big that we can’t fully grasp because it defies our understanding.  Such an example is the old axiom of “Can God create a rock so big that He cannot move it?”  This goes right along with issues such as how can Christ be 100% man and 100% God without being 200%?  Or “How can God be three separate persons and yet be one?”

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