More Evangelism Discussion

This can be used as a supplement for the first lesson to go into more depth or as a separate study depending on the amount of discussion your Bible study has.

This lesson discusses some the churches troubles in evangelism and acts as a brainstorming session on what we can do to change the current church culture.  We are not making decisions or deciding what the church should do, but we will be discussing some things that we can do better.

Lots of churches have trouble with doing evangelism successfully.  This is why most churches have plateaued or declined.

If we truly believe that it is important to evangelize, then we need to decide what price we are willing to pay for it. Do we need to sacrifice money, being comfortable around unsaved people, or personal preferences, or our traditions?

As we study further, we’re going to see that evangelism is not just about programs however. As a matter of fact, there it has very little to with programs. It is important for the church to provide an atmosphere where a person feels comfortable bringing a non-Christian friend – but this is NOT what leads a person to Christ.

The most important thing involved in evangelism is establishing a loving relationship with a person.

Questions from last week to think about some more:

What has the church (our church and the entire Christian church) done in the area of evangelism that has been successful?

What no longer works or never worked for us?

What price are we truly willing to pay to see the lost become saved?

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