Weeding and Fertilizing

Weedy soil – Weedy soil is sometimes easy to spot and other times it can be very difficult. You can tell when people seem to be too attached to material possessions, their jobs, or putting up the perfect front so that they appear more successful than other people. In short, these people are idolaters because they have made something other than God into their god. Eventually, just like the shallow soil, these people are going to be exposed for who they are. Something will draw them away from church and away from God. They will be choked out by the weeds of life. These are the easily identified ones.

Weedy soil can also consist of people who appear to be very genuine Christians. They can be very active in church and may have been so for many years. They may even appear to be more active than some true believers. However, what these people do, they do not do out of a love for God. Weedy soil works in the church and in the community because it is the “socially responsible” thing to do. In short, they are active in church because ultimately they feel good from helping others. These people will likewise be choked away when they no longer get as good of a feeling from helping at the church. Something more socially important may arise, or there may be a problem in the church that negates the good feeling they used to get.

Matthew 6:24 tells us that no one can serve two masters. Often the best way to deal with weedy soil is to draw a line in the sand. You either serve God, or you serve something else – what is the real priority in your life.

Once again, our lives are an effective witness to weedy soil. Paul writes in Phil 4:12 that he found the secret to being content. Weedy soil is not content because they do not have God. They try filling up the place God should have. We can show them we are content and we can explain why we are so.

Finally, Romans 10:9-10 tells us about confessing with out mouth that Jesus is Lord. Weedy soil may claim to have done so. I can confess the sky is green, ducks give milk, and I’d make a good president. That doesn’t make any of them true. If weedy soil is going to make a confession, they better be able to back up their talk.

Good soil – There is absolutely nothing wrong with good soil. A fruit producing Christian isn’t one that needs to be fixed and they aren’t a bad Christian if they aren’t producing as much as another one. Keeping that in mind, we fertilize even good soil at times to increase the production. We’ll look at discipleship in the future in much greater depth, but I think this is the main way that we grow more fruit from Christians.

There are two topics I would suggest in depth study on for those wishing to grow. The first are the fruit of the spirit. These are precisely what we want to see from every believer and what we hope to grow from them.

The second study would be the gifts of the spirit. No Christian should be idle but too many are because of a lack of understanding of the way God has gifted them. When a person better understands how they are to be working for the kingdom of God, you can expect to see more accomplished.

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