This study looks at discipleship from two different angles and can actually be broken down into two separate studies if desired. 

The first section discusses external discipleship, namely what a discipling relationship entails and who could or should be a disciple.  There are four methods of discipleship discussed and the differences of each.  These methods are: modeling, mentoring, instructing, and coaching.

The second section entails a look at discipleship as a spiritual discipline.  We are called to be disciples and to make disciples.  If we are to be and make disciples, we should know what it really means to be a disciple and the cost involved.  Some of this study is based upon Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book The Cost of Discipleship .

Part 1 – External Discipleship

Discipleship Intro, Modeling

Mentoring & Instructing


Part 2 – Spiritual Discipline

Costly Grace

The Call to Discipleship

Single Minded Obedience

Discipleship and the Cross

Discipleship and Brotherhood

The Simplicity of a Disciple’s Life

Discipleship and the Unbeliever – Part 1

Discipleship and the Unbeliever – Part 2

Discipleship and Work

Discipleship and Suffering

Discipleship and Peace

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