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Charles Ryrie said, “The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it the highest of all goals.”  So it is no surprise that he would go to such great lengths to help others study and understand the Bible by completing his own study Bible.

The Ryrie Study Bible was originally published in 1978 with study notes written by Charles Ryrie as the name suggests.  Originally it was published in the King James Version but with later revisions the Ryrie Study Bible became available in the NIV and NASB translations as well.

This study Bible contains over 10,000 notes by Ryrie including maps, timelines, charts, and diagrams.  In addition to Ryrie’s notes, there are also wide margins, made particularly so that you may write your own notes and thoughts alongside of the Biblical passages.

If the normal commentary isn’t enough there are also brief sections that discuss important Bible topics such as:

An overview of Bible doctrine

  • How the Bible was inspired
  • How to understand the Bible
  • How we got the Bible as it is today
  • The meaning of salvation
  • Archaeology and the Bible
  • A survey of church history

In addition to all of the study notes contained with the study Bible, the current edition of the Ryrie Study Bible comes with a free DVD that contains the Moody Bible Library.  This software costs over $400 if bought alone and makes the purchase of the Bible well worth the cost if only for use of the software.

The Ryrie Study Bible is available in hardcover and leather bindings. It can be purchased in numerous translations including NASB, NIV, and KJV.  For current pricing and more information, click on one of the links below.

The Ryrie KJV Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

The Ryrie NIV Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

The Ryrie NASB Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

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