Rainbow Study Bible

The rainbow study Bible is currently sold under the name Full Color Bible. Old versions under the rainbow study Bible name can still be purchased new and used however. An older version may be attractive to some people as there are more buying options for the rainbow study Bible as opposed to the full color Bible.

This Bible is unique among study Bibles and is great for both new Christians and those who have been studying the Bible for a long time.

The rainbow study Bible color codes the Bible into different themes. Each theme is represented by a different color and every time the topic of a passage changes, so does the highlight color. No longer will you have to struggle with what the author is talking about. One glance at the color and you will know that he is discussing love or forgiveness or sin. The full color Bible breaks down scripture so that everyone can grasp the big picture of a biblical passage.

You can purchase the rainbow study Bible in hardcover, paperback, or leather. It is available in both the NIV, KJV, and Living Bible translations. A Catholic Rainbow Study Bible is also available.

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