Nice Weather

I’ve been working, I promise.  April has brought about a ton of nice weather and I’ve been left with the choice between working inside or outside and I’ve chosen the latter of the two. 

We had unbelievably warm weather at the beginning of the month with temperatures hitting 90 two days in a row and shattering the record for the date by about ten degrees.  Since then, the weather has consistently been in the 60’s and 70’s and it has been hard to pass up.  I’ve spent the mornings during my necessary church work and the afternoons working outside.

Oh, and I got a new puppy who requires a lot of attention so that has taken up some of my time as well.

Fortunately, despite the nice weather, the website work hasn’t been completely abandoned.  April’s devotions are all up and hopefully next week I’ll be able to get a start on May. 

My major web project that I hoped to have completed in April isn’t quite halfway done.  Some of it has been other projects and some due to unforeseen circumstances.  I had a great opportunity in March to make headway and spent most of that time unable to work much at the computer so that was a big set back. 

I am hoping to do a partial launch of my big website project in May.  I have around 30 articles to finish which is still a fairly daunting task because I usually can’t do more than 5 a day (when I have nothing else to do that day), but I believe that it is achievable alongside doing May’s devotions.  I’ll give all of the details of my new project here as soon as it’s ready for its partial launch so keep an eye out here.