Bible Study

Last week was a rather intense week for me.  I spent more time studying the Bible than probably any time since I’ve been in school (and actually more than most of the time I was in school.)  I ended up writing three in depth articles for the theology section of spreadinglight and wrote over 5,500 words.

When the weekend rolled around, I had the privilege of hosting my former pastor and mentor of 17 years at the church.  He has retired and is teaching spring semesters at Jamaica Bible College.  He came to my church to do a Bible study on the life of Peter and his teachings. 

As a pastor, I don’t get to be taught very often any longer.  Basically everything I learn now comes in preparation for teaching or preaching.  So I have to say what a delight it was to simply learn for the sake of learning once again.  It was a true blessing and I have felt a renewed energy all week even though a 10 hour Bible study over the weekend took a lot out of me mentally.

Some churches may have better success but I’ve discovered that maybe 20% of Christians are involved in some sort of Bible study program outside of regular weekly church services.  There are many reasons why people are not and I’m certainly not going to point the finger at anyone and claim that they are bad Christians if they are not involved in one.  But I would encourage as many people as possible to find a good Bible study to become involved in.  I believe that it is absolutely worth the time and energy that a person will invest in one.