Biblical Prophecy and the End Times

Everyone is interested in what the future holds.  Only in biblical prophecy do we have any assurance of what will truly take place however.

God has given us a roadmap to what the future holds for humanity.  It is not easy to understand prophecy however, just as many Jews missed the coming of Jesus despite all of the Old Testament prophecies concerning Him.  Fortunately the Bible has an abundance of passages that clearly do tell us what will take place in the future.

Every time a major disaster happens, some people get swept up in wondering whether we are facing the end of the world.  The wise student of prophecy keeps a close eye on Israel and the Middle East as they play an important role in prophecy.  Today the pieces may be coming into place for the return of Christ but we cannot know for sure.  All we can truly know is that Christ’s return may come at any moment and that we have signs to look out for.

Prophecy scares some people but it should give us hope.  We know that God wins.  Jesus is victorious over sin, death, and Satan.  No matter what confusion people may have about prophecy, we can all rest assured in this fact.

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