The Fate of the Unbeliever

Christians have little debate as to what happens to them when they die.  Well, there’s plenty of debate over specifics but most are in agreement that the believer goes to heaven.  What heaven is actually like isn’t always agreed upon, but pretty much the image used is pearly gates and streets of gold.

What has become a huge debate within the ranks of Christianity is what happens to those who have not accepted Christ as their savior.  Are even good hearted, well intentioned but misled people bound for hell?  How does this equate with a loving God?  What about those who never have a chance to hear the gospel during their lifetime?

Numerous thoughts have been offered as to how each of these things affect the fate of the unbeliever, unfortunately much of it is done without ever opening the Bible.  I am personally horrified by what is being preached in some of our pulpits today and the false teaching that comes from it.

There are four basic lies about hell that are circulating about hell today.  In order from least to most popular – as far as I can tell – they are:

1) Unbelievers get a second chance after death

2) Hell does not exist

3) Hell means destruction as punishment

4) Everyone will go to heaven

The last two are the main teachings that have popped up in evangelical churches and I will spend most of my time on these two issues.  Finally, I will offer my own support for what I believe to be the Biblical view of hell, that it is real and eternal.  

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