Dispensation of Innocence

Adam and Eve began in the Garden of Eden in innocence. They were naked and felt no shame. They knew very little about God but were given a few simple expectations. They were to be fruitful and multiply, they were to subdue the earth, they were to have dominion over the animal kingdom, and they were to care for the garden and eat its fruit.

The Edenic Covenant had only one prohibition.  Adam and Eve were not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  They were told that if they ate from it, they would die.  This was all that Adam and Eve were told, not why, only don’t do it.  Because God had given them so much and showered them with His love this should have been enough for them.

The age of innocence ends quickly and in failure.  Satan deceives Eve and Adam sins knowingly.  Innocence is destroyed.  As Adam and Eve look at themselves, they realize they were naked.  This is a physical reminder of their innocence that was lost but also a spiritual point that their sins are exposed as well.  They needed a covering.  God provided the covering when He institutes the Adamic covenant and the dispensation of conscience begins.

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