Conclusions on Baptism

by Chad Shaffer and Mike Stine

* This is the final part of a five part discussion on baptism.  Links to the previous sections are provided below the article for your convenience.

In our research we have discovered a lot of the attitudes which the early church fathers recorded. We also come from very different backgrounds as far as baptism is concerned. Mike was baptized as an infant (although it was pretty much a dedication) and was later triunally immersed as a believer. His church is open to all forms of baptism. Chad comes from an Anabaptist and was immersed once. Neither of us find anything contrary to scripture with any method of baptism. We neither hold to infant baptism as a necessary thing. We find scripture to be very permissive on baptism but we hold it to be a commandment that is to be observed by believers.  Finally, baptism is a matter of the heart as so many things are in the Christian life. In baptism we associate ourselves with Christ and make a public statement that we are his followers. This is truly what baptism is about and it matters not what form it takes.


Infant Baptism

Believer’s Baptism

Three Modes of Baptism


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1 Response

  1. Ed says:

    Well done on this summary. Appreciate the unity-focused conclusion too. A friend and I are having a video debate on this topic on my blog site. It’s refreshing to see your approach and conclusions.