Believer’s Baptism

by Chad Shaffer and Mike Stine

*This is a brief five part breakdown on the various views of baptism.  For convenience sake, links to the other sections are provided at the bottom.

The second form of baptism that is performed by the church is believer’s baptism. It is clearly illustrated throughout the New Testament that people were baptized after they professed a belief in Christ.  This is illustrated most vividly in Acts 8, when the Ethiopian eunuch asked Philip to baptize him after he put his faith in Christ. Believer’s baptism is also mentioned repeatedly throughout the writings of the early church fathers. Nearly every church father agreed on believer’s baptism.

What is not agreed upon by all is whether baptism is required for salvation.  This is outside of the scope of this discussion but is certainly a worthy topic.  For our purposes, Christians have almost universally seen believer’s baptism as something that should be practiced.  The debate surrounds whether it is a “best practice” that is recommended for Christians to grow in their spiritual walk or if it is a requirement that has been mandated for all.


Infant Baptism

Believer’s Baptism

Three Modes of Baptism

Our Conclusions

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