Christian Theology

There are many differing theological ideas in the world.  The truth is that most Christians are unconcerned about theology.  Most Christians, if they know enough to say they believe in Calvinism or infant baptism, do so only because their pastor or their church does.  It is the hope of this ministry to be able to offer Biblical support for these positions.  If we succeed in this, Christians may make informed decisions about what they believe on a certain issue and not simply repeat verbatim what their church believes.

These articles are not to be the end all of these theological debates but simply an overview of some of the biggest theological differences that occur among churches.  We highly recommend further research into these areas for a fuller understanding.  Despite efforts to be fair to both sides of the debate, anyone who writes an article is bound to write it from their own angle and thus multiple views are best.

While we each may hold to a different view on these issues – each view supported by centuries of believers – it is our hope that these issues would not be divisive.  In the end, it is our duty to proclaim the gospel to the lost and as long as we can agree on how a person may know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior everything else is trivial.

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