About Spreading Light Ministries

Spreading Light Ministries is a network of websites with numerous Christian themes and topics.  It began in 1999 as a few articles about hot button social issues such as abortion and divorce.  Ironically these articles are far less popular than the later theology articles because many people and organizations write about these issues and there is greater competition for search engine rankings.

Spreading Light expanded into articles on theology, prophecy and a collection of sermons.  Later Bible studies were added to the site.  To see what the site used to look like and take a walk down memory lane, check this out.

Christian Life stories began as a part of Spreading Light and was later branched off into its own site sometime around 2003.  This is a collection of uplifting Christian stories, most of which were widely forwarded in email.

In 2008 the ministry starting branching out.  Online Bible Devotions was launched.  This site provides daily devotions.  It is still a work in progress with devotions for only four months posted.  After the calendar year is filled, there are plans for other topics and themes in the Bible.

In 2009 the ministry exploded with the launch of 9 new sites as of the date of this writing.  These sites range from worship to evangelism with each topic earning its own site.  New sites will be launched as ideas occur.

The current goals involve launching several new Bible study sites each year.  Pastor Mike’s spiritual mentor, Pastor Bob Conway, has given use of his over two dozen in depth Bible studies.  This may not sound like much but many of these studies are over 100,000 words and need to be formatted for online use.  In total, there are over 3 million words to format so it is a slow process.  Fortunately there are several studies complete and online.  You can find them listed in the Bible studies section.

The goal for 2013 is a big one.  Ten years ago Pastor Mike attempted to launch an online school – then known as Spreading Light School.  This never became quite what he dreamed it to be but later turned into mychristianeducation.com.  However, thanks to teaching online through an accredited university, Pastor Mike feels that he now has the necessary tools to provide quality Bible college level education at a fraction of the price.  The curriculum for a couple of courses is already written and the goal is to add more classes this year as well as lots of online instruction to go along with the courses.  You can check it out at Online School of Theology.

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